High Eye UAV’s are a reliable part of your projects
Our systems are custom built and test flown professional lightweight UAVs. We combine unequalled specifications with high reliability and very convenient maintenance intervals of several hundreds of hours.

We provide the necessary training for operating the helicopter and helicopter maintenance
Training pilots and maintenance specialists is an absolute necessity. Operating an unmanned helicopter can be compared to operating a manned helicopter in many ways. HighEye has developed these training programs in close co-operation with excellent business partners.

We’re pleased to help you choose the right machine for the job
Choosing the right lightweight UAV for the job will be a new challenge for many buyers. HighEye offers professional advice in order to help you choose the best machine for your application. Our Unmanned Aerial Systems are versatile and offer considerable flexibility in customer specific configuration.



The HEF 30 is an unmanned helicopter with a two-blade single rotor. Because of its size, weight and capabilities, it creates a class on its own.

Its strength lies in the fact that it will fit in any small van or estate car without any prior disassembly, whilst still being able to easily outperform all electric competitors. It offers flight times up to 1,5 hours whilst carrying modest payloads. It never needs a recharge, which means that except for some short refuelling stops, the mission can always continue.

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HEF150Carries up to a 50kg payload fully autonomously - flight operational for several hours

The HEF150 is a lightweight UAV that is designed for demanding jobs. If you have an application that requires a strong unmanned helicopter that can lift heavy payloads, fly long distances along planned routes and do its job fully autonomously even in rigorous weather conditions, the HEF150 is your machine of choice. This highly reliable UAV is suited for demanding surveillance jobs, as well as for professional filming, camera observations and agricultural applications like crop dusting.