Customer response:

Till now, we are very pleased with the performance of the Rikola camera as well as the support. We are satisfied with the data quality of the Rikola camera and could achieve good results till now. The camera has survived lots of field campaigns and was always robust and reliable no matter the weather conditions. With the last software update and case modification, remaining issues were solved. The performance and processing speed of the Hyperspectral Imager software has increased distinctly, especially the calibration of the raw data and the initialization of the memory card. The new cable and memory card connection solution helped a lot using the camera in the field and in rough conditions. As we are now able to acquire 50 bands in one flight, we could reduce the amount of UAV flights as well as the resulting planning and preprocessing distinctly.

We had never difficulties with support, Jussi Soukkamaki was always a reliable, friendly and helpful contact partner. The camera modification and the update were done in time and to our satisfaction.